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If you’re looking for a unique collection of decor at affordable prices, visit Rod Works in Johnstown. The moment you walk into our home decor store, you’ll be inspired to create and decorate with pieces that are high-quality and beautiful. You’ll be welcomed by friendly employees who will be happy to answer any questions or offer some tips to ensure you’re home is exactly how you imagined it. We offer pieces that will work for any space in your home, both indoor and outdoor. Visit us today or read some expert decorating tips.

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Home Decor Store Johnstown

A house is a house is a house. You walk into one, and you know the basics of every other — a living room, a kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms. What makes a house a home, however, is the love and care that is put into every detail, the feeling that someone gets when they walk into a welcoming space. This is what makes every home, and the spaces within the home, unique and special. But how do you make a space welcoming? Many homeowners are lost when it comes to design and decor. And it takes more than just a few throw pillows to really bring a room together to create a cohesive, beautiful space.

That’s where Rod Works comes in! Our Johnstown home decor store has just the piece for your mantle, end table, or that space on the wall you simply can’t find anything to fill it with. We know that everyone has their own unique style and personality, that’s why we have a wide selection of pieces that will look great in any home.

But sometimes getting started can be the hardest part, right? Looking at your living room, for example, it probably has a couch, some pictures on the walls, maybe a candle on an end table, but overall, the room looks kind of bare.

Here’s some advice on how to get started with your home decor vision.

Browse Around to See What Styles You Like

The decor items that are in your home currently, whether you’re in love with them or not, were at some point chosen because there was something about them you liked. While decor styles can change over time, look around your home for pieces that you still love to see every day. So before you actually go out and browse around in a decor store, you will already have an idea of what you like, and what will look good with existing pieces.

Home Decor Store JohnstownDon’t Over-Complicate Design

When homeowners begin their decor journey, they may have a vision in mind of a perfect space (often developed from an image they’ve seen in a magazine) that has a cohesive color pattern, it includes items that somehow go well together, but don’t exactly “match,” and that perfect balance between being designed, but not overdone. These spaces are often done by professional interior designers who have years of education, and time and money at their disposal in order to create this perfect space. However, for the average homeowner, it can be easy to become overwhelmed when approaching an empty space. The desire to have a “perfect” space can cause you to not do anything, or do too much. Keep it simple and know that you can always add on later.

Look at Size and Dimension

When you’re done browsing a decor store and you look at your cart, there are a few things that you can look at to determine if they will work in your home’s design. Two of these things are size and dimension. Whether you’re shopping for an accessory to put on a bookcase, kitchen countertop, or office desk, there is probably a specific space that you’re wanting to fill, and that space has a particular size. No one wants to buy something they love and then find that the piece is too tall or too wide to put it where you wanted it. Before shopping, take some measurements and have them with you so you know it will work. If the spaces allow it, try to incorporate a range of sizes and dimensions that will increase depth in the room.

Think About Texture and Pattern

One thing to think about as you’re shopping is texture. If there’s one design element that homeowners often forget about it’s texture, and it can make a big difference in the overall look of a room. Combining a variety of textures will give your eye an opportunity to move around the room. Your eye may first look at a fluffy area rug, then up to a tall ceramic vase on the coffee table filled with soft flowers, over to the couch with a geometric patterned pillow, over to the bookcase with old, rough books and metal bookends, and then land on a wicker basket by the fireplace.

Home Decor Store JohnstownChoose Carefully

If you’ve ever gone through your closet and saw a stack of clothes that you thought you loved, but then never wear, you know the feeling of spending money on something and not getting anything out of it. It’s the same concept when you’re shopping for home decor. If you go into a store and don’t see anything you love, it’s OK! Don’t try to force a design style on your home if you don’t truly love it, or find something about it that you appreciate. Look for items that you can take with you wherever you go, that provide longevity, such as candlesticks, clocks, frames, or mirrors. Home decor should reflect your life, your family, your personality, and your history. Make your home unique to you, and not about the latest trends.

Ask Questions

Our staff at Rod Works in Johnstown love to interact with everyone that walks in the door. We encourage you to bring in some pictures of your living room, kitchen, or bedroom, and we’ll be happy to offer some suggestions and help you find items that you may like. If you want us to, we’ll be there throughout your design journey until you do find the items you love and that fits perfectly within your home and for your style. We love it when our customers get excited about an item and home decor, and that’s what truly fuels us in our business! If you have any questions at all, we’re here to help!

Most importantly, when you’re shopping for home decor, have fun! Mix colors, textures, and sizes that you love and the finished room will be 100 percent you — and that will ensure your perfect space comes to life.

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