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Our Folsom home decor store invites you to browse our collection of unique, affordable decor. Rod Works is passionate about offering our customers quality pieces that will enhance any space in your home, both indoors and outdoors. We are sure that our products will inspire you to decorate your home in a way that will show off your personality and style. From iron pieces to wall art, each piece is special and will give your home that special touch. Visit us today or read some expert decorating tips.

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Whether you notice it or not, houses are relatively the same. They all have living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and more. The beautiful part about a house is it can be transformed into a home. This is where Rod Works in Folsom, CA can help. We provide decor to our customers looking to change their house into a home, creating a unique, special atmosphere in each and every room of their house. What makes a house a home? How you decorate it.

Our Folsom home decor store has the perfect end table, shelf, or frame for your living room or bedroom. Have an empty wall-space in your bathroom that you must fill? Tie the room together with a gorgeous decor item. Don’t stare at white walls anymore. Add a touch of style and a splash of personality to any room or space in your house to transform it into a home.

If you’re struggling with where to start, you’re not alone. Plenty of homeowners don’t know what to begin with when it comes to home decor. That’s why Rod Works offers a variety of home accents and home decor that will complement your style.

Home Decor Advice

Visit the Home Decor Store in Folsom to get an idea of what you like and don’t like. If you’re not sure about your home decor style, you can figure it out while browsing our store. It’s best to simply walk around for a few minutes and take note of what catches your eye and what you feel as though you would avoid. With that being said, you will quickly find that you do have a unique style. You can do this, and Rod Works wants to help!

Keep Design Simple

Don’t over complicate your home decor design. Granted, we understand if you have the perfect vision of how your living room, kitchen, and bathroom are supposed to look. In fact, most homeowners browse our store with an image they’ve seen on Pinterest or through a friend’s Facebook or Instagram feed. But keep in mind that a more minimalistic design tends to speak louder than overpowering ones.

Not entirely sure how the professional interior designers make home decorating so easy? Don’t be discouraged. You can do this! We understand that it can become overwhelming at times, but the wide selection of home decor at Rod Works provides opportunity for you to create a unique and special home. Remember, keep your design simple; you can add onto it later.

Keep In Mind Size And Dimension

The size of home decor and home accent items matter. It can be tempting to simply purchase all the home accent items that show the color blue, but this may leave you with an inconsistently shaped home decor collection. Imagine the space you desire to fill, and think of which items would best fill that space.

For example, you want to decorate an office or a study. The room is smaller than the average bedroom, which means large items are going to take up a lot of space. You probably already have a desk and a chair in the space, which takes up enough room as it is. Consider smaller home decor items in general to fill the room. Keep consistent with your style vision, but go with smaller items. This will help make the room feel bigger, offering a spacious feel.

Always consider the size and dimension of the room you’re decorating and the decor items you’re filling it with.

Use Textures And Patterns

Most homeowners glance over the texture of their home decor and accent items. It’s a smaller detail, but it can make a huge difference in presentation. Varying textures consistent with your envisioned style will give the eye an opportunity to discover something new every time the room is experienced. For example, a painting with acrylic texture may catch someone’s eye. Then, as they walk across the room to view the painting more, they notice the coarse rug below their feet. Finally, glancing to one side or the other, they notice the smooth, leather couch. Ultimately, you’re creating an experiential environment for those encountering the space

Remember, home decor patterns and textures do affect how the space is experienced.

Make Your Home Decor Decision

You’ve considered the style you like, the design that engages you, and various elements that go with great home decor. It’s time to make a decision. Ask yourself if the home decor or home accent items you’ve chosen fit with your overall home design concept. Don’t be afraid to say no to an item you love if it doesn’t work for the space you’re decorating. As much as we want to believe it, home decor experts focus on staying true to their vision. If you want to transform your house into a home, you need to stay true to yours.

Inquire Rod Works Staff

If you’re having a hard time deciding between one color scheme or another, let us know! Our Folsom home decor store staff are always ready to help you make the tough home decor decisions. What’s more, our staff is professionally trained and available when you need them. That’s why we encourage you to visit our location.

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