It’s “time” to decorate with clocks! At Rod Works we love clocks and carry all types of styles and sizes.

We all know how to put a clock on a wall. But there’s so much more you can do with a clock. We are sharing seven easy and creative clock decorating ideas that you need to know!

1. Use the clock like a shelf. You will need a large clock with a flat top. You can place trinkets or a small case on top.

2. Take some ribbon and tie it to the top of the clock.

3. Add some greenery to your clock. Take a flexible spray or leaf strand and wrap it around he clock.

4. For thin clocks add a stand. We carry several different sizes and styles. The stand can make a simple clock more ornate.

5. Use a pedestal to elevate a clock. Different elevations adds interest in a display.

6. Use clocks as book ends. Make sure they’re heavy.

7. Make a collage of clocks on a wall. Use different sizes. You can use all the same color, like gold would be classy. Or change l up the colors.