The holidays are upon us and there is no better way to get festive than with a wreath! Rod Works has a wide variety of ribbons and trinkets to spice up wreaths of any shape or size.

Jordan Robinson is here to show us how to bring some life to an average wreath.

Signs- During the holidays we carry a variety of signs that fit your decor style. There are Halloween signs, Fall signs, Thanksgiving signs, and Christmas signs. All of which come in different color and styles to fit the decor you already may have.

Picks/Sprigs- These items bring texture/dimension to your wreath. There are picks that have pumpkins, or leaves that would be perfect for Halloween/Fall.  Sometimes they can even be covered in glitter which brings a touch of sparkle that every front door needs.

Ribbon- This is the most important! Above all else, when in doubt ribbon is what sets a regular wreath apart from a spectacular one. You can have as many signs or picks in your wreath as you want, but it won’t look how you want it to without a touch of ribbon! Ribbon is a cheap and easy way to decorate your wreath. There are also many different ways to tie a bow or knot on your wreath!

Wreath Hangers- Depending on how big or small your wreath is, you will want to pick the right wreath hanger. For smaller wreaths a command hook is the way to go! They are small and do not take away from the wreath. For larger wreaths it is good to have a larger hook that accommodates the size. Some wreath hangers will have designs that can add to the decor of the wreath!