@Shiplapaddict Collection

The best decision I have ever made was to start an Instagram account. I have been an influencer on Instagram for just over 2 years now.  It all started when we started building our new farmhouse style custom home. I knew I wanted to share my ideas and gain ideas from others. I have loved home design and decor ever since I was a little girl. It just has always has been my thing. Seeing my vision come to life always feels so rewarding.

I have an amazing husband of 27 years and 4 children who are all grown now. I have a sweet little grandson and a new baby granddaughter on the way. As you can see my family is my life and making my home a cozy and loving place to be is one of my many priorities. I have shopped at Rod Works for so many years that I  have lost track. Their decor has filled my home from every day pieces to holiday items I pull out year after year. I hope you will enjoy shopping online from Rod Works. I know you will love what they have to offer.  I know I do. I’m like their #1 fan!!!



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