Red and Green will always be a traditional way to decorate, but like any other decor trend this year…White rustic charm is taking over. Dreaming of a White Christmas has never been more true!

When decorating your tree there are 3 things to remember that will make your tree as fabulous as ever!

  1. Garland/ Ribbon- It’s a must!! Adding garland and/or ribbons to your tree adds dimension that it is often lacking. You will want to put any garlands, lights, banners, and ribbons to your tree first above all else! You will see that adding garland already makes your tree look full without spending a lot of money.
  2. Signs/ bigger items-Often we think of Christmas trees having only ornaments and lights. Adding signs and other large items are another fun way to make your tree look fuller without adding a bunch of little unnecessary items. Think outside of the box! We have seen anything from skis to ice skates in a tree and it is absolutely darling!
  3. The tree topper- A tree topper is the finishing touch to any Christmas decor! It isn’t just about putting the star or an angel on top of the tree anymore. Adding picks and ribbon have changed the regular Joe tree topper into something fabulous! The more glitter and charm the better!

You will be sure to wow any of your guests during the holidays with these easy tips!