1. 5 Decorating Difficulties

     5 Decorating Difficulties Are you having trouble getting your home decorated? If you are...you are not alone! Decorating your home can be overwhelming and tough. Empty walls...empty shelves...it can be extremely daunting. We did an Instagram poll this week trying to nail down the main decorating…Read More

  2. How To Style A Fireplace Mantel Or Table

    How To Style A Fireplace Mantel Or Entryway Table Decorating these spaces can be tough, but we have 5 easy steps to help you achieve the perfect mantel/table vignette! 1. Measurements: Make note of the measurements of your mantel or table. This will help you when shopping for items to ensure you are…Read More

  3. The Best Items To Use For Outdoor Decorating

    All the summertime feels! If you are feeling the heat like we are, then you know it is time to start getting the outside of your homes looking just as good as the inside. Today on Good Things Utah we shared some of our favorite decorating tips in preparation for Summer. If you get stuck, come in to…Read More

  4. 5 Spring Decorating Tips

    Goodbye Winter...Hello Spring! Now that Spring is officially here,  it is finally time to start incorporating a few new pieces outdoors and in to help freshen up your space. It is important to remember that this is not a full decor makeover, rather a seasonal change that doesn't have to break the b…Read More

  5. How to Style Faux Floral

    Styling Faux Greenery We love the natural element that greenery can bring into a space, and if you are anything like us, faux is the way to go! Now don't get us wrong, if you have a green thumb... keep on doing what you are doing (we commend you!). But for us, we have found that you can find great q…Read More

  6. Our Favorite Easter Decor Items

    It may seem a little early to start thinking about decorating for Easter, but when you are getting ready for any holiday, you will want to have it up at least a month before the holiday actually comes! Not to mention, our Easter decor is flying off the shelves!! We want YOU to be able to get our mos…Read More

  7. Decorating With Trays

    If you have an empty space...we have a tray for that! With the holiday season being over, it is no secret that we all tend to feel like our houses are a little more empty with the Christmas decor coming down.  It is nice to refill some of those spaces with pieces that feel fresh and new. There is n…Read More

  8. Valentines Day Decor

    Rod Works Valentine’s Décor is sweeter than ever! Now that Christmas is over, we are already looking forward to the next holiday to celebrate…Valentine’s Day! • Our approach to Valentine’s Day decorating is simple. We think that just a few things that give a nod to Valentine’s Day is ju…Read More

  9. Christmas Gift Guide 2017

    Rod Works Gift Giving Guide! For the month of December, we have been sharing gift giving ideas on Facebook and Instagram to help you find the perfect thing for that special someone in your life! Whether its your spouse, friend, sister, or mother…. We have the perfect gift for YOU to give! Kitchen …Read More

  10. Winter Wonderland

    Another Favorite Christmas Decor Trend....White Winter Wonderland! We are back again to highlight another favorite Christmas decorating trend. Throughout the month of November we have been touching on all of the different Christmas decorating styles and trends on social media, and this look has been…Read More