Using Faux Greenery In Centerpieces

Posted on May 16 2019

Using Faux Greenery In Centerpieces

Using Greenery In A Centerpiece

Greenery is the perfect addition to any centerpiece for your indoor or outdoor table. Using faux greens is a gorgeous look that will last forever and you don’t have to remember to water them! (That's the best part!)
We are going to show you several looks using our greenery balls and succulents to make beautiful arrangements. 
The first look is a tray centerpiece. 
1. Start with a tray. 
2. Add candle sticks in the center for height. 
3. Place greenery balls around the base of the candle sticks filling the tray. 
4. Add candles to the socks, or more green balls for a unique look. 
Bonus step: add faux succulents to add an extra flair to this look. The balls are a great base to stick the stems into.
Next we want to show you a basket look. Simply fill a wire basket with balls for an easy centerpiece. Add succulents to the top for optimal visual impact.
The possibilities are endless using faux greens! Here are a few more looks using different buckets and planters. Perfect for inside or on the patio.
Come in and see our succulent + greenery options today! 

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