Things Are Lighting Up At Rod Works

Posted on April 27 2016

Things Are Lighting Up At Rod Works
Jordan Robinson and Natashia Mclean are here from Rod Works to show you just how to add that special touch of light within your homes.
Whether it is your kitchen, office, living room, bedroom or entry way, there are many ways to achieving light fixture greatness! The first question we get from our customers in the store is "is this fixture too industrial for my home?" The answer is no! Regardless of the style of home you live in, these fixtures are sure to look fabulous no matter what your decor style may be. You can make them look classy, elegant, industrial and masculine, or totally cute and farmhouse chic! 
There are also different ways to use these lights. You can turn our fixtures into a lamp by setting them on a mantle or bookshelf with our rod iron wreath hangers. You can also put them in lanterns or canisters to add a personal unique touch to an end table, or sofa table! 
If you don't love the raw rod iron look, why not take a can of spray paint to turn them into the color you desire? A little paint can go a long way and totally transform the look of the light fixture! Adding succulents and ribbon are also a fun way to change up the look of your light fixture without spending too much money on transforming them!
These light fixtures can be wired into your ceilings to go over a kitchen island or in an entry way. They can also be hung with a simple hook or button and used just like a lamp! We love the "lamp" feature about these fixtures, making it easy to turn them off and on. By the pull of a cord or the toggle switch, we make it easy for anyone in your family to turn out the lights! 
With these particular light fixtures, Edison Bulbs add the perfect touch that you will be sure not to find anywhere else! 

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