New Year 2020...It's Time for New Decor!

Posted on January 06 2020

New Year 2020...It's Time for New Decor!

Happy New Year! 

We are so excited for 2020. There are many BIG things in store for us this year! We have amazing product coming in, new stores on the horizon, and some fun things to share with you when it comes to decorating your home throughout the year.

Once Christmas is over, there is almost a sense of "emptiness" when it comes to your home. All of the seasonal decor comes down that made your home feel cozy, warm, and inviting. Now that it is all put away, the things that were there before don't seem to appeal to the eye as much as they once used to!

With any new year, it is a great chance to set new goals to help us step with the right foot forward! Whether that be personal goals, financial goals, health goals, etc. we find things to achieve that ultimately make us feel better! Our homes, their appearance, organization, etc. have the same effect on us. So what better way to start out the year than with NEW decor!

Here are a few of our favorite items that have just come in that we are sure will give YOU and your home the refresh that you were hoping for. 

These canisters are great additions to kitchen counters. Not only do they look cute, but are completely functional and food safe! Having organizational pieces, such as canisters, will help your kitchen feel more clean and put together. 
Mug racks are also great addition to kitchens and dining areas. There are so many cute mug options these days that it is such a waste for us to hide their "cuteness" in a cupboard. Show them off, while still being functional in your space. 
Switching out a main statement piece can make the biggest difference in your home. We have great options of mirrors, clocks, and wall art pieces that add a quick update to an outdated space. You don't have to spend a lot of money to make your home feel like new! 
We hope you all have the happiest new year and have fun adding some new decor into your home. 
Happy decorating!

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