Trays... A Staple Piece Everyone Needs! #rodworksfeaturedfaves

Posted on July 04 2019

Trays... A Staple Piece Everyone Needs! #rodworksfeaturedfaves

Decorating With Trays


Did you know, every Thursday morning at 9:00 a.m. MST we feature some of our favorite items of the week?! We have so much fun picking out these items knowing how much we love them and how much YOU will love them too! 

We hand select our Featured Favorite items, coordinating them perfectly so that you can grab and go knowing the items you just bought will go together when decorating your space!

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These items go FAST! So grab them every Thursday morning before they are GONE!

This week (July 4, 2019), we are featuring our favorite kitchen decor items and how to use them! 

Potted Lavender Plant

We love the soft purple tones of Lavender. So pretty to incorporate with all of the neutral colors that come along with this style of kitchen decor. Lavender brings a touch of softness, along with texture and height. Would be darling placed on a counter top or tray! 

Lavender Spray

This Lavender Spray would be fun mixed in with a floral arrangement or on its own in a vase. So pretty and timeless! 

Beaded Handle Wood Tray

Every kitchen needs a tray! That is one thing we know for sure. Whether you place it on the center of a kitchen island, kitchen counter top, or dining room can't go wrong! Trays are easy to remove from surfaces, and are a timeless staple piece that you can change out the decor on for all seasons and holidays! 

Vintage Table Clock

We love the style of this clock and thought it would be cute paired with other items on a tray. The greatest part about it is that it has a decorative backing! This means you do not see the gears or batteries, rather a beautifully decorated piece that encases the clock mechanisms. Perfect for a tray because it is gorgeous the entire way around! Something that is important to think about when adding items to a tray.

Small Hour Glass Set of 2

These tiny hour glasses come in a pair. Black and white! You could style these also on your tray, or use one for one spot and the other for another. Win-win! 

White Decorative Picture Frame

We love this picture frame, and have come to find customers prefer the 5 x 7 size. By far the most popular! We thought this would be a darling piece incorporated on the wood tray! 

Sedum Greenery Orb

You can't forget the greenery when it comes to decorating! Whether it is live or faux, it adds a lot to a space! If ever you think your decor is missing is probably greenery. We have a great selection of high quality greenery, and this would be the perfect addition to our wood tray! 

Look how beautifully it all came together! Add in some soft texture by throwing in a dish towel with color and pattern to finish the look off. We love this tray!!

If you are looking to decorate your laundry room, but just don't know where to start, look no further. We are here to help!
Shop this entire look by clicking on the links or photos. Happy Shopping!! 

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