Front Porch Decorating For Spring And Summer

Posted on May 21 2018

Front Porch Decorating For Spring And Summer

Porch Decorating

By: Kari Fiagle 

Everyone wants to have a front porch that is welcoming, pretty, and perfectly decorated for every season. But it might seem complicated, expensive and even too time consuming for you to pull off. We’re here to say that it doesn’t have to be! Decorating your front porch for each season and especially Spring and Summer is easy with a few basic guidelines. Here are our best tips for you to help you create the look that you have always wanted for your porch!
Now, every porch and front door situation is a little different.  You may be renting in an apartment complex and have no porch at all. You might have a “little bit” of space next to your front door, or you could have plenty of room to create any look you want! Whatever your situation might be, every door and porch can be beautiful and welcoming with a few decorating details.


  1. The first step, as with any decorating project is to get some inspiration! Look at the type of door, house style, and how much room you have. Start gathering ideas on Pinterest or the web. After you find what you love, begin to narrow down what will actually work for the space you have.
  2. Start with color! Maybe your front door could use a fresh new paint color. Search the season’s hottest door colors and find one that will work for your home. Plant some flowers in pots. Faux flowers work beautifully if you don’t have a green thumb. We always have a wide variety in our store! You can add a wreath if you don’t have room for potted flowers, a wreath fits any porch! Remember, color will brighten up and bring fresh new life to the front of your home!
  3. Find a basic piece to decorate around and change out for each holiday. For example: a little garden cart with wheels, potting shelf, or a bench. Each one of these acts as a place to display flowers, signs, or other fun décor. Once you have your base, it will save you money and time for swapping out décor for a whole new look. See photos of an example on how a little wheeled cart can be swapped out from Spring to Summer.
  4. If you are slim on room by your door, use a vertical porch sign. It can be seen from a distance, needs very little space, and makes a huge statement.
  5. If you are stuck, get some help! Bring in a photo and the measurements of your front porch to Rod Works and we will help you put something creative and beautiful together. Take advantage of our free bow tying service and beautiful ribbon collection and we can transform any wreath, yours our ours!

Happy decorating!


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