1. It’s “Time” to Decorate with Clocks

    It's "time" to decorate with clocks! At Rod Works we love clocks and carry all types of styles and sizes. We all know how to put a clock on a wall. But there's so much more you can do with a clock. We are sharing seven easy and creative clock decorating ideas that you need to know! 1. Use the clock …Read More

  2. Rod Works Famous Frame Rod

    Here is a little Rod Works history...Unique iron decor and curtain rods is what started it all! Although we no longer are an iron decor specific store anymore, we still hold strong to our roots with our Rod Works original items. One of them being our Famous Frame Rod. We have been selling the fra…Read More

  3. Favorite Decor Items

    Clean crisp whites and Rustic home décor is the current trend and it has come flooding into Rod Works. We are excited to share just a few of our favorite things that go along with this particular style and Jordan Robinson is here to show you what each store loves and cannot seem to get enough of. O…Read More

  4. Wedding Tips

    It’s outdoor wedding season, and Rod Works has what you need to get ready for this fabulous festivity! Jordan Robinson is here from Rod Works to show you just how to make your outdoor wedding work with any style. Whether your wedding is Classic, Modern, Bohemian, Vintage, or Rustic there are DIY t…Read More

  5. How to Style a Bohemian and Classic Wedding

    Here comes the bride and wedding season! With the weather warming up and semesters ending it means a lot more weddings are coming! And Rod Works has your decor needs covered. This month, Rod Works is showing you four different wedding styles. Today we are sharing two of these styles, Classic…Read More

  6. Things Are Lighting Up at Rod Works!

    Things are lighting up at Rod Works! Jordan Robinson and Natashia Mclean are here from Rod Works to show you just how to add that special touch of light within your homes. Whether it’s your kitchen, office, living room, bedroom, or entry way, there are many ways to achieving light fixture greatnes…Read More

  7. Rod Works is laying it all out…on a tray of course!

    We can't get enough of how cute trays can be, and it is truly the most versatile item you will ever own! Alexis Crockett is here showing us why every room can use a tray and fun tips on decorating them. Plus Rod Works is starting a "Tray Give-a-way" each month! We want to share this tray love with e…Read More