1. Bow Tutorial

    Here are 10 easy steps to show you how to make our famous Rod Works bow and how to put it on a wreath. 1. Come in with a color combination, season, or holiday in mind. 2. Pick out 5 different patterns of ribbon. 3. 1 pattern of ribbon or jute should be 2 yards in length. 4. The other 4 patterns of r…Read More

  2. Halloween 2017

    Something WONDERFUL this way comes... It's about that time friends! We are nearing the end of September, and you know what that means...Halloween is right around the corner. It's time to put out all of your spooky decor and get ready for all of the fun festivities! If you aren't big on decorating fo…Read More

  3. New Arrivals

    New Arrivals! Did you know we get new arrivals every week? You heard it right! Every week we replenish the stores with new items that you haven't seen the week before! When you walk into our stores the first thing you will see is a section with a "New Arrivals" sign above it. This section will have …Read More

  4. Incorporating Fall Decor

    Harvest  Celebrations! The kids are going back to school and the seasons are getting ready to change. It's time to start getting your home WARM and COZY for fall. The first place to start transitioning your decor is your front porch. Add a new wreath with warm colors to make your home look and feel…Read More

  5. Enamelware

    Enamelware makes a comeback! Jordan Robinson is here from Rod Works to share with us the enamelware craze in today's kitchen /dining room decor  & other uses it has in practical every day home decor. It is a widely used, age-old material that is extremely tough, durable, inexpensive and most im…Read More

  6. Decorating With Succulents

    Summer and Succulents We're almost to summer and in our home we're counting down. So with Memorial Day and the summer coming here are a few fun ways to do an out-of-the-box summer set up. And of course we are using succulents! I love them all year long but especially in the summer. So these pieces…Read More

  7. 4 Decorating Trends in 2017

    Spring Fever! Spring has arrived and we are definitely feeling the need to clean out and start fresh. Here are some tips for updating and brightening those spaces that you just aren't loving anymore. Greenery:  It makes all the difference! Whether you are decorating an entryway table, centerpiece, …Read More

  8. Decorating for Spring

    How To Decorate with Spring Statement Accent Pieces One accent piece we've made into a real statement is our wreath framed with a spoke wheel, lending its size and grounding natural woods to the greens. Flowers? For Spring? Groundbreaking. We love pairing decorative flowers with the illustrated flo…Read More

  9. Here comes Peter Cottontail

    Jordan from Rod Works is here to share with us simple ways to add in a touch of Easter Decor to already existing items you may already have in your homes. Wreaths-Your front door is one of the main focal points of your home. It is the first thing people see while driving by, as well as the statement…Read More

  10. St. Patty’s Day Decor

    St. Patricks Day is on its way and we have just the touch of green you'll need for the holiday! Smaller holidays like these don't take a lot to add the touch of festivity you need for your home. We have signs and wall hangings that are specific to St. Patty's Day, but you can also add splashes of gr…Read More